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A Place I Love with The Baytree Centre

Posted on 12 October 2022

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Over the summer months, The Glass-House collaborated with a group of young girls at The Baytree Centre in South London. Through our workshops with the group, we invited our young participants to explore their relationships with the places and spaces around them, as well as introducing them to the world of design and built environment careers. You can read about these workshops here.

As one of the final activities in these sessions, we asked the girls to think about a place they loved, and to creatively capture it through collaging and drawing. Below, we are sharing their voices as part of our ‘A Place I Love’ blog series to continue to give a platform for young people to share their ideas and feelings about place.


A Place I Love is….A Farmer’s field in Broome, Suffolk

It is most atmospheric just before dusk, when the sun peers out from behind the clouds and the little light that is left trickles onto the fields full of parsley and wheat. 

[My favourite thing about this place is] the cloud formations, especially when the differences in the hues of white and grey are almost clear.

I’m not sure what the most special part is. But when I’m there, I focus on how I feel, and not the area itself.

Georgina’s pencil drawing on a field in Suffolk


A Place I Love is…St Thomas’s Hospital, Central London

St Thomas’s hospital is currently my favourite place. That is because my life started here in a way. I also love it because of how they take care of patients and the way they try to make them comfortable and happy. 

It is a large NHS teaching hospital in Central London, one of London’s most famous hospitals and one of the institutions that compose the King’s Health Partners, an academic health science centre. Originally located in Southwark, but based in Lambeth since 1871, the hospital has provided healthcare freely or under charitable auspices since the 12th Century. 

My experience of St Thomas’s hospital is actually very blank because I was a baby but my mum told me that the nurses were very kind to me when I was born and looked after me and my mum. I am not sure my mum enjoyed the experience but she was delighted to have me.

Quianna’s pencil drawing and collage of the facade of St Thomas’s

St Thomas’s hospital is also a nice caring place where nurses and doctors are actually life savers because they help loads of people who are unwell or in need of any support. So if you are ever in hospital they will work miracles and you won’t need to worry about your sickness or even dying. St Thomas’s helps over 1000 patients a day.


A Place I Love is…the Kia Oval, South London

I went to a cricket match held at the Kia Oval. It was very fun as the game was really tense and the team I was supporting lost by 5 points. Me and my brother were also invited to go onto the pitch, to do the ball delivery and coin toss. This was an amazing experience as I love to play cricket at school and in my spare time. 


A Place I Love is…Herne Hill

I have spent most of my life there. Herne Hill has so many good memories. When I got to Herne Hill it gives me comfort and a sense of peace. 

[My favourite thing] is the plants, trees and small roads. The high gates and vast land. 

[The most special part] is my nan’s home, the hill and the memories.


A Place I Love is…Herne Hill

It is cosy and full of sunshine. 

[The most special part] of my place is a family gathering.


A Place I Love is….the Swan Lake

It’s very calming and peaceful. I go there to feed the swans. I like the river itself, plus how it’s shaped like a heart.

[The most special part] are the swans and birds. And how the wind sings in my ears.

Our blog series ‘A Place I Love’ is inviting people from all walks of life, and of all ages, to share their stories about their connection to a special place. Interested in writing your own ‘A Place I Love’ piece for our blog? Find out more here.