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A Place I Love: London in Summer by Cotty

Posted on 8 September 2022

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Ice cream and piano music in London in the summer, by Cotty

Cotty, aged 8, has written about London in her ‘A Place I Love’ blog, bringing together her favourite memories of her birthplace. Her image, below, is a digital collage of her dream London.

I created my dream space in collage style.
Season is a nice warm summer.
I would love to go on a day trip in London where I spent until 2 and a half years old.
I want to eat cold and soft vanilla ice cream with my family.

Also I love the sound of the piano.
Especially I saw some pianos in the street in London.
I loved to touch the black and white keyboard.
I liked the smooth surface keyboard with a natural wood smell.

If I am small enough to run over and dance on the piano keyboard, I want to create my own music.
I would love to sit, lay down and sleep on the piano keyboard with a natural wood smell.
I started to learn ballet when I was 2 years and a half old, so I love to dance!
My body moves naturally when I listen to sound even when the washing machine moves.
It would be a hard wooden texture if I trip over it, but I would enjoy listening to my own created sound.
One day, I want to invite all of my classmates to listen to my music!
Also I will treat them all to give ice creams while I play piano.

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