For this season of Glass-House chats, we’ve taken inspiration for the Chat topics from our previous attendees and the latest trends and debate in the fields of design and placemaking. If you’d like to contribute, please email with your suggestions.

About this Session

Every discipline has its own vocabulary, and design and placemaking are no exceptions. How can we remove the language barriers that so often create stumbling blocks in design engagement, and create a shared language to help us work collaboratively to shape where we live, work and play?

This Chat will explore approaches to “jargon-busting” in design and placemaking, and consider the role of building capacity both within communities and practice in helping people find common ground and a shared language for collaboration.

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About the Series

Glass-House Chats is a safe space to ask questions, explore ideas, approaches and methods, share learning and make connections. These are free sessions, conceived for local authority officers but open to all who are interested, to help build confidence and capacity in the sectors to engage communities in design and placemaking

The sessions will be chaired by The Glass-House Chief Executive Sophia de Sousa, who will briefly introduce the theme and then open the floor for an informal and open discussion among participants.

To ensure space for meaningful discussion, places are limited to a small group. Key discussion points will be collated and shared after each session.