Glass-House Chats are monthly hour-long online spaces for conversation and connection, to ask questions and explore ideas, approaches and methods, share learning and meet others. They are free sessions for anyone interested, and are kept to around 10 participants to allow for open dialogue.

About this Session

As we collectively look forward to the places and societies of tomorrow, we are often struck by the growing need to create cities and urban spaces that better provide the context for the growth of more equitable societies. The concept of circular cities has emerged as one response to this challenge of creating an infrastructure for an equitable society. 

Circular cities adopt the principles of circular economies (an economic system based on the reuse and regeneration of materials or products as a means of continuing production in a sustainable or environmentally friendly way) across their urban areas. This creates a sustainable network of systems that maximise the potential of resources and designs out waste. 

In this Chat we will be exploring the ideas of circular cities through the lens of co-creation, asking how can we collaboratively design, build and manage circular cities? How can we bring together the worlds of collaborative design with the principles of circular economies and cities to consider how we can co-created circular cities?

About the Series

The sessions will be chaired by The Glass-House team, who will briefly introduce the theme and then open the floor for an informal and open discussion among participants.

To ensure space for meaningful discussion, places are limited to a small group. Key discussion points will be collated and shared after each session, and Chatham house rules are kept when sharing any points from the event.