Glass-House Chats are monthly hour-long online spaces for conversation and connection, to ask questions and explore ideas, approaches and methods, share learning and meet others. They are free sessions for anyone interested, and are kept to around 10 participants to allow for open dialogue.

About this Session

Join us for this special edition Chat, which forms part of our WEdesign 2023/24 series People, Place, Planet and creates a more informal and intimate space for conversation on our series theme.

As we continue to shape our places, we are faced with the huge challenge of balancing our personal needs, the collective needs of our communities and those of our increasingly fragile planet.

In this session, we will be exploring the opportunities and synergies that exist when we strive to balance people, place and planet in placemaking.

How can we think differently about how we shape our places? How can we collaborate more through design and placemaking to value and respect people, place and planet equally?

This session will be chaired by The Glass-House team, who will briefly introduce the theme and then open the floor for an informal and open discussion among participants.

To ensure space for meaningful discussion, places are limited to a small group. Key discussion points will be collated and shared after each session, and Chatham house rules are applied when sharing any points from the event.

About the Series

WEdesign is The Glass-House’s annual series of free interactive public events, held online and in-person in cities across the UK, where we explore collaborative design in placemaking through discussion, debate and playful co-design activities.

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