Glass-House Chats are monthly hour-long online spaces for conversation and connection, to ask questions and explore ideas, approachs and methods, share learning and meet others. They are free sessions for anyone interested, and are kept to a smaller group of participants to allow for open dialogue.

About this Session

The built environment landscape is continuing to shift towards a more inclusive approach to designing homes, streets and neighbourhoods, which brings with it a continually shifting and evolving vocabulary. 

We want to explore how this evolving built environment landscape, and the terminology that comes with it, affects how we behave and the power that citizens have to shape their environments. What do co-design, co-production, engagement and indeed placemaking mean in today’s world? 

This Chat will explore what placemaking is NOW, and how the wide range of jargon used across the engagement and design worlds affects how places are made. Spanning industries and places, come join us for a virtual conversation about the language we use and the power it carries to shape places.

About the Series

The sessions will be chaired by The Glass-House team, who will briefly introduce the theme and then open the floor for an informal and open discussion among participants.

To ensure space for meaningful discussion, places are limited to a small group. Key discussion points will be collated and shared after each session, and Chatham house rules are kept when sharing any points from the event.