EVENT ORGANISED BY: London Borough Of Redbridge

Join us for the launch of the Growth Commission report. A group of independent Commissioners have put together recommendations about improving how growth happens in Redbridge. Learn more about the Growth Commission, the recommendations and the upcoming opportunities to get involved in turning them into a reality.

More information about the Growth Commission

In 2018, the council worked with almost 2,000 to agree on a ‘Brave New Towns’ approach, which would grow the borough in a balanced and sustainable way.

Since then, housing targets set for the borough have increased by 25% and there is more pressure than ever to deliver new homes.

But growth isn’t just about new homes, but all of the things we need in our communities: jobs, businesses, green spaces, schools, sustainability, transport and more. These are the things that those who live, work, learn and play in Redbridge best understand.

The ‘Growth Commission’ was set up to help us ensure that as we grow, everyone in Redbridge can benefit. The Commission was led by a group of six independent Commissioners who conducted a series of conversations over the summer with residents, local businesses, voluntary sector groups, faith leaders, developers and planners to find out how to make improvements and suggest a way forward.

The members of the Commission include;

The Commissioners have produced a set of recommendations set out in their report Growing Redbridge Together. Redbridge wants to work with communities to turn these recommendations into an action plan which will help Redbridge ‘do growth better’.

Redbridge is growing – this is your opportunity to shape it for the better.

Sophia, who is Chair of the commission, will be introducing the report and sharing reflections alongside her fellow Commissioners.

Please sign up for ‘Growing Redbridge Together Launch’ here.