EVENT ORGANISED BY: Who Are We? – a collaboration between Counterpoint Arts and the Open University, in association with Stance Podcast and the University of York’s Migration Network

Who Are We? is a cross-platform event taking place at Tate Exchange that explores identity, belonging, migration and citizenship through co-creation and exchange between artists, arts and culture organisations, audiences, activists and academics. The 2018 programme explores the production of people and place with a range of connected sub-themes: housing, displacement, memory and migration, movement, politics of language teaching, the design of a hostile environment, rural, regional and urban ecosystems/transformations, food, environmental and racial justice.

We will host a drop-in workshop on 24 May (from 3:00-5:30pm) that explores Places for Connection – the everyday spaces in our communities where we feel a sense of welcome, belonging and connection. Help to build a wall of connected representations that will celebrate the social, faith and cultural spaces that connect communities. Create and share your ideas, stories and experiences on the qualities and characteristics of these spaces – real or imagined – and the activities they support.

The workshop was conceived and will be delivered by the core delivery team of the 5-year Empowering Design Practices research project – The Glass-House and the Open University’s Design Group.

Find out more about the Who Are We? programme on the project website.