EVENT ORGANISED BY: Public Policy Exchange

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK high street suffered its worst year in over a quarter of a century. Nearly 180,000 retail jobs were lost in the UK alone, and the Centre for Retail Research has predicted that up to 200,000 more will be at risk in 2021.

This symposium will provide an invaluable opportunity for the relevant parties to assess the extent of these challenges and devise methods for reducing and resolving the harmful impacts of a socially distanced retail sector.

If the high street is to be maintained, it is important to identify potential areas of growth and ways in which the retail sector might innovate and prioritise effectively.

Key speakers will include:

Sophia will be talking about the importance of good design in shaping successful high streets as places for connection, to access goods, services and activities, and to inhabit and enjoy. She will also explore how collaborative design processes to shape high streets, working across sectors and engaging with the local community, can lead to more inclusive, connected and sustainable neighbourhood, town and city centres. 

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