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Callout Brief: A Letter to Future Placemakers

Posted on 1 September 2021

Written by:

Elly Mead

A call for contributions to our new Glass-House blog series.

After over a year of global lockdowns, limited contact with others and primarily digital communication, we want to return to the intimate nature of letter writing to ask ‘What would you want to say to future placemakers?’. 

Regardless of our profession or role within our communities, we all play a part in shaping the physical spaces around us, and the activities that enliven them. In our latest blog callout, we’re asking you to contribute an aspirational and provocative letter to future placemakers. Who do you think placemakers of the future are? Where are the spaces of tomorrow and how can we collectively work to ensure they are equitable, inclusive and delightful?

We want letters that thoughtfully share learning points from your lived and/or professional experience with the placemakers of the future. Through this open call, we are asking you to define your audience and place to call your future placemakers to action. Who will shape the future of our towns and cities, and what do you want them to know?

You can contribute to this blog series in a number of ways:

Please send through your blog contributions to