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BEEs among us!

Posted on 17 July 2012

Written by:

Louise Dredge

Design Council Cabe have launched a new network of Built Environment Experts (BEEs)who will support the work of the organisation in delivering high quality design to places and spaces across England.

We’re delighted to announce that among the 250 BEEs are Glass-House Chief Executive Sophia de Sousa and Strategic Projects Manager Maja Jorgensen.

Sophia is a leading advocate and enabler of participatory design as a means of informing high-quality inclusive and sustainable design that benefits local people. She works tirelessly to promote cross-sector partnerships which she believes are essential to the success of regeneration and of community empowerment.

Maja’s background as an urban designer informs her ambition to enable inclusive and meaningful design processes. In her current role she works to develop and deliver design and community engagement training, as well as building partnerships with other organisations.

The Cabe BEE network brings together a multi-disciplinary groups of specialists who will act as mentors to design procurement, deliver design training and play a role in the Design Review process. BEEs will bring valuable support to communities, local authorities and other groups involved in built environment projects.

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