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Celebrate great design in your area: Civic Voice Design Awards

Posted on 6 January 2016

Written by:

Sophia de Sousa

The Civic Voice Design Awards 2016 are now open for applications and I would strongly encourage communities across England to apply.

I have the honour of being on the judging panel for the Awards, for the second year in a row. Like others, this awards scheme celebrates the quality of design, development and conservation of buildings, places and spaces in England. What is different and special about these awards is that it is local communities nominating schemes for their design excellence, their engagement of local people in the design process, and their contribution to the local area. This is a great opportunity for communities to stand up and make a case for projects that they value and that they consider great design.

Last year, in the scheme’s inaugural year, we judges had a challenging task. The quality of the submissions was exceptional, as demonstrated by the award winners celebrated at the Awards Ceremony last July, including Slowing the Flow in Pickering, North Yorkshire, a flood alleviation scheme that made a real difference to local communities during the recent flooding in the region.

Film about last year’s Design Awards featuring interviews with the judges and the overall winner.

Every one of the winners, each so different from the next, was a project or scheme that either challenged traditional design processes and solutions, or applied them in such a way that local people felt invested and proud, whether they had played an active role in the development or not. Each offered examples and stories of design, collaboration and innovation that can be shared to inspire others. Each touched local people and made a difference to their lives.

So if there is a new or regenerated building, place or space in your area that you think is an example of great design and that has already had a positive impact in your community, put your case forward to the Civic Voice Design Awards by 14th February.

More information on how to nominate: