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London Borough of Redbridge Launch Independent Growth Commission

Posted on 28 July 2020

Written by:

Deborah Ajia

The London Borough of Redbridge has recently launched its independent Growth Commission, after agreeing with its residents to take on a ‘Brave New Towns’ approach, which will help grow the borough in a balanced and sustainable way.  Our Chief Executive Sophia has been appointed as the Commission Chair. 

Established to help understand how to shape growth together with Redbridge’s people, the Commission kicked off this month and will conclude in September 2020.

Redbridge have invited a number of key figures from industries such as development and place-making, community development, health and wellbeing, and youth services, to bring different perspectives to this new project. 

Residents of Redbridge and sector experts will be given a chance to speak to the Commissioners to discuss two main subjects –  identifying the challenges of growth and identifying ideas and solutions.

The members of the Commission include;

London Borough of Redbridge commission members

“This Commission offers an independent space to explore how the borough should grow with local people and stakeholders, and with potential collaborators for the future. We must be prepared to ask challenging questions, to engage in dialogue with a broad spectrum of voices and interests, and to listen.”  – Sophia de Sousa 

The Growth Commission will also be collecting stories of good growth happening in other areas, examples of best practice and relevant research. If you would like to contribute, please do get in touch. We are particularly interested in stories of activating local people, organisations and businesses as contributors and drivers of change and growth, and in cross-sector collaborations.  
Find out more about the LB Redbridge Growth Commission here.