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New chair of The Glass-House Board of Trustees

Posted on 7 October 2015

Written by:

Louise Dredge

Earlier this year, Prue Chiles, Professor of Architectural Research at Newcastle University, was appointed to our Board of Trustees as chairperson.

Words from Prue:

I am delighted to be chairing the Board of Trustees for The Glass-House at such an interesting time in its history.

I have been associated with The Glass House almost since its inception, a very different political climate nearly 15 years ago. Their Buildings by Design and Neighbourhoods by Design courses set a standard for community engagement and community led design and attracted groups from all over the country.

Reading the annual report this year it is clear The Glass-House is continuing to lead the way in involving communities, associations and individuals in the development of their neighbourhoods – creating a sense of place.

It is a successful, tight operation with a large range of projects. The Debate Series reaching the far corners of the country, action research with the Open University and many other activities, projects and commissions show a vibrant and necessary charity thriving in more difficult times. A recent buzzing breakfast workshop I attended showed how important this work is and how there is a real interest and commitment to working with communities from housing associations, private development and government organisations to make better places to live and work in. I look forward to continuing my involvement for years to come.

Sophia de Sousa, Glass-House Chief Executive, on Prue’s appointment:

We are delighted to have Prue as our Chair. She brings with her invaluable experience from her architectural practice, research and work in academia and from her longstanding collaboration with The Glass-House.

Prue shares our passion for design quality and our commitment to empowering communities through design processes that bring diverse voices, communities and professionals together to work collaboratively. We look forward to working with Prue in this new role, and are extremely proud to have her leading The Glass-House Board.