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Exploring design and reuse with Friends of Millhouses Park in Sheffield

Posted on 19 November 2010

Written by:

Hannah Gibbs

Yesterday we spent the day with the Friends of Millhouses Park group who are trying to bring their Mill Buildings back to life. We worked with BDR (Bureau of Design Research, University of Sheffield) to create a morning of workshops and an afternoon of site visits to give the group some skills and inspiration for their project.

Here are some of the things we got up to…

A tour of Butcher Works – A fabulous historic works which has been converted into housing, commercial space, workshops and a cafe
Visiting the First Start Centre in Firth Park – A multi use building which caters for a huge variety of users and acts as a social space for the park at weekends

A look round the Hillsborough Park Bowling Pavilion which is a fantastic example of a building which blends seamlessly with the park it sits in

Hopefully the day will have helped the group to move their project forward – they came away full of ideas and tonnes to think about before their next workshop with us in a couple of weeks.

Exploring different elements ofthe design process
Making collages to express the group’s vision