Published in 2014

This resource pack is designed to help communities who are interested in the provision of play and play spaces in their neighbourhood. It tells the story of our work with Tidworth Mums in Wiltshire and shares tools that we used in our collaboration to support the work of the Mums to make the case for soft play in Tidworth.

The pack contains advice and ideas about organising study visits to other projects, support organisations and resources, and how to capture evidence and ideas for your project through play activities.

‘Tidworth Mums: a case for soft play’ was a collaboration between The Glass-House and the Open University, Tidworth Mums (a voluntary group supporting local families), the Army Welfare Service and Wiltshire Council. The project was one of four sub projects in Unearth Hidden Assets through Community Co-Design and Co-Production, a collaborative research project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (Connected Communities programme).

Let us know if you find it useful for your project!

Published by The Glass-House and the Open University 2014