Co-designing Sustainable Places, the 2020/21 Glass-House event series, will explore issues and co-design propositions for reshaping our neighbourhoods within the context of our climate emergency, the Covid-19 Pandemic and place-based inequalities. 

Covid -19 has raised important questions about our relationship with our environment, our neighbourhoods and with each other. We have seen very clearly the impact that changes in our behaviour can have on the health of our planet. We have tested the ability of our neighbourhoods to respond to local needs and seen that many fail to provide equitable access to green spaces, facilities and services. We have also demonstrated the power of collaboration and mutual support.

Our response to Covid has moved our conversations, meetings and engagement processes online. This has opened new doors to some, and also exposed inequalities in digital infrastructure within communities and massive skills gaps in our professions. 

This year, our WEdesign event series will be a little different. This online event series will bring people together to innovate and test new ways of working collaboratively and creatively through a range of both digital and more traditional co-design tools and techniques. Our events will be interactive, creative spaces for collaboration and co-design activities that respond to current social distancing measures.

The Glass-House will be working with academics and students around the country to co-design and co-facilitate these free interactive online events that bring together community activists, practitioners, students, researchers, academics, policy makers, voluntary, public and private sector professionals and representatives from the design, housing and development industries.

The first event in the series, The Air We Share, will explore sustainability and inclusion. Find out about the events series and sign up via our Events page.