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New film: Making space for community-led housing in urban areas

Posted on 25 April 2016

Written by:

Louise Dredge

Affordable housing is one of the most pressing issues in the UK today.

Community-led housing is an opportunity for communities to provide their own solutions to how they wish to live. Community-led housing can empower communities, strengthen local relationships and lead to places that are better-designed, more sustainable and well-loved.

In March 2016, The Glass-House Community Led Design and London Community Neighbourhood Co-operative (LCNC) brought together community activists, designers, funders, academics, local authorities, housing associations, developers and policy advisors to explore the current landscape for community-led housing in high demand urban areas.

As part of our knowledge exchange initiative, we commissioned a film that explores what is community-led housing, the challenges to its development and sets out some ways in which we can all help to support its growth as an inclusive housing option.

You’ll hear from participants at our March 2016 event and from members of three community-led housing projects: Bristol Community Land Trust, Rural Urban Synthesis Society and LCNC.

Making space for community-led housing in urban areas from Glass-House Community Led Design on Vimeo.Leslie Barson, Member of LCNC:

“The housing situation in London is in drastic need of change. Community-led housing is one vital, flexible and efficient way to change the situation. We hope the film will help more people understand the problems community-led builders face and what changes need to happen so that more housing can be provided and more communities enhanced.”

Jennifer Line, Building and Social Housing Federation:

“At BSHF we’re interested in creating as many opportunities as we can for people to find out about and get involved with community-led housing. That’s why activities like the Knowledge Exchange event were commissioned, with the support of the Nationwide Foundation. Knowledge Exchange not only gives people with an active, shared interest the opportunity to meet, it also provides a source of information and inspiration for people who are new to the concept.”

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Our knowledge exchange initiative is part of a wider programme to support the growth of affordable, community-led housing projects through greater understanding of the opportunities and a wider awareness of methods, resources and support. Coordinated by the Building and Social Housing Foundation (BSHF), it is funded by the Nationwide Foundation.

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