At The Glass-House Community Led Design we use several digital tools regularly in our online spaces to facilitate collaboration and co-design. The most common amongst these are Zoom, an online video hosting platform, and Miro, an online whiteboarding tool.

We have produced two guides to help you navigate these tools if you are new to online spaces, or simply need a quick brush up on your existing skills.

Zoom Guide

This simple guide covers the basics of setting up for a Zoom call, some tips and tricks and how to join a call.

Miro Guide
Our Miro guide serves as a useful first step in accessing and using Miro in our workshop and other sessions. Being familiar with Miro is not a requirement of attending any of our events, we have produced this guide in case people would like to have a play beforehand and to build familiarly. The Glass-House will always facilitate any interactions with online tools to keep our sessions as accessible as possible.