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Granville New Homes Study Visit: September 2013

Posted on 16 October 2013

Written by:

Maja Luna Jorgensen

Maja Luna Jorgensen, Strategic Projects Manager at The Glass-House:

Our day-long study visit and workshop to Granville New Homes on 17th September 2013 provided the opportunity for a mixed group of practitioners from the housing association sector to learn from best practice in community engagement and design.

In partnership with Brent Council and Brent Housing Partnership the day invited participants into the homes of residents to see for themselves the spacious, carefully designed living spaces that were designed in collaboration with a resident steering group.

The event showcased the significant impact of an up-front investment in people, design and good process. The joint work and learning of Brent Council and The Glass-House to develop, train and work alongside a resident steering group has since led to the implementation of new procedures and approaches in the work of the council.

The strong relationship between residents, council and housing association made an impression on participants: residents continue to take enormous pride in their role to deliver a well-designed and well-functioning development, and many are still involved in the development of new projects with the council.

Robert Johnson, Housing Regeneration Project Director Brent Council:   
Brent Council and Brent Housing Partnership were pleased to host a study tour organised by the national charity The Glass-House Community Led Design. The Council were indebted to The Glass-House for their involvement in the Granville New Homes project which focused on involving local people in a major regeneration programme back in 2005 through to 2007.  People attending on the day commented about the genuine partnership that developed between the community and the officers of the Council and the fantastic development that is evident on this site now. People also commented how residents presented their perspective on information, consultation and full participation in the project and that quality participation costs have to be built into these processes. Participants went away with a solid idea how the Granville approach could be delivered in their own area – and I was happy to be a conduit to share our story.

Participants getting to know each other at the beginning of the day
A view of Granville New Homes
Linda Beasley from Brent Council sharing her experience of the participatory development process and ongoing management of the homes
Visiting the homes of residents