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TAP Symposium 2023

Posted on 17 November 2023

Written by:

Jake Stephenson-Bartley

On Wednesday 8 November we arrived at Sheffield University Student Union to take part in the TAP (Transforming and Activating Place) Symposium. We were greeted by our two interns Sam and Piotr, who spent the summer with us further developing our Gaming Workshop Model. The TAP Symposium was a celebration of a 3-year student knowledge exchange programme which brought together  students, placemaking professionals / organisations and researchers. 

The programme supported 202 Students from the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences in Sheffield, partnering them with 79 organisations across heritage, culture, government, placemaking, to name a few, in addition to funding 45 projects over the 3-year programme, one of which was project we ran with our summer interns this summer (2023).

The Symposium consisted of a series of panels and presentations which celebrated the student internship projects which took place across Sheffield and further afield. There were three categories: knowledge exchange and placemaking; storytelling and community; and creativity and play.

There were some key threads that emerged throughout the afternoon which boasted the benefit and importance of inviting students into organisations through a considered and nurtured programme, which TAP provided. The experience for both organisations and students was one of reciprocity.

Some key themes which emerged for those participating in the programme were:

It was the greatest of pleasures to be part of this programme. TAP has left a deep-rooted legacy which those involved will carry with them on their professional and personal journeys. It has certainly inspired us to think about how we can support more student knowledge exchange within the charity, in order to continue to inject new thinking and experiences across Glass-House projects and beyond.

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