Summer Design Intern from University of Sheffield

Piotr has joined The Glass-House team as a summer intern through the Transforming and Activating Places (TAP), student knowledge exchange program at the University of Sheffield, where he graduated this year with a BA in Economics and Politics.

He is a passionate and dedicated individual seeking to make a positive impact on the world through service design. With a strong academic foundation in Economics and Politics, Piotr brings a deep understanding of complex socioeconomic systems and the ability to analyze wicked problems. Having spent one year working at a renowned management consulting company, he has gained practical experience in the business and service design field. This experience, coupled with his desire to effect meaningful change, has led him to pursue a Master’s degree in Service Design at the Royal College of Art in London.

In the future, Piotr would like to professionally help institutions to provide great services and experiences that make people’s lives better and easier.

Piotr Prelewicz